Drone-like sounds, giant screenings and an artificially created space between haze, strobes and pulsating lights: With his immersive spatial installation FEED II Chicago-based artist Kurt Hentschläger will blur the lines between reality and perception. Out of the interaction between sound, light and video a dense atmosphere is emerging which leaves the audience in a state of disorientation. Ath the same time it provides an intense art experience.

FEED II will be premiered as part of the Art Space and is the revised version of Hentschlägers work FEED from 2005 which was produced in collaboration with the Biennale Venice. At least since his project Granular Synthesis (a collaboration with media artist Ulf Langheinrich), Kurt Hentschläger is known as one of the most important and most innovative media artists of our time.

The free tickets for FEED II are strictly limited and will be available before every show at the Art Spot presented by Toyota C-HR opposite the Orangerie. First come, first serve!

Funded by the Art Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt