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At Melt, you pay cashless and with a chip at your festival ribbon to prevent theft and increase security. You can easily top up credits in advance or at the festival and post easily after the festival.


Can you still pay in cash?

Nope. Cashless means cashless and is valid for the whole festival area as well as the campgrounds, e.g. Food stalls or showers at the campsite.

How can I charge money in advance?

In the weeks before the festival about your personal festival account.

How much money do I have to charge minimum/maximum?

You are not required to load money on your chip. This has no effect on the inlet. However, we recommend loading your ribbon before the festival. Via your festival account, you can load up to 250.00 EUR on your ribbon.

Can I reload money locally or do I have to recharge in advance?

Sure, you can also recharge your ribbon on the spot. However, we recommend charging in advance – is more convenient, faster and you can start directly without having to wait.

What possibilities do I have to charge my ribbon on site?

The following options are available: Visa, Mastercard, EC, Debit card and cash. Please note that charging with cash will incur a service charge of 1.00 EUR.

Is it possible to recharge the ribbon online during the festival? Is there a deadline?

You can always charge your ribbon online. There is no deadline.

How can I charge money if my ticket was bought by another person?

The other person must first pass on the ticket that was meant for you. As soon as you have your own account with the ticket, you can start charging.


Please, read the following information carefully before you start to shop:

General Info

As soon as you check in with your ticket in Ferropolis, your previously uploaded credit and vouchers will automatically be transferred from your festival account to your chip on your festival wristband. Our entire festival is cashless, meaning you exclusively pay using the chip on your wristband.

All vouchers purchased from our shop should be used up during the festival. Vouchers cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged. In case you don’t use up all your vouchers, any remaining balance won’t be refunded.

All vouchers purchased prior to the festival can’t be transferred to other festivalgoers either, meaning all vouchers will remain in your festival account even if you transfer your festival ticket to someone else. If you want to transfer your ticket to someone else, it is imperative that you do so before purchasing anything else in our shop. In case you don’t, all purchased credit and vouchers will remain and expire in your account as we cannot do a refund.

All purchased vouchers can only be redeemed on location at the festival site during the hours indicated. Please, make sure you know where to redeem your vouchers in advance.

If you upload a certain amount of credit, you will receive “bonus money” which you only have access to if all your other credit has been used up and can only be redeemed at our bars or beer stalls. Since “bonus money” can’t be refunded after the festival, make sure to use up all of it on location.

On location, vouchers for alcoholic beverages will only be sold to festivalgoers above the age of 16.

In case you have remaining credit on your chip or in your festival account, you can transfer the amount back to your bank account on Wednesday after the festival. Please note that bonus money is excluded from this transaction.


Can I reclaim my balance during the festival?

Unfortunately, the payment of the balance due to technical reasons is not possible on site. The time from which you can post your remaining balance shortly after the festival, we announce on the website. To reclaim your remaining balance, log in to your personal festival account and go to the ‘Transactions’ tab or head straight here.

How can I withdraw my remaining balance? And from when?

In the week after the festival, you have the possibility to reclaim your remaining balance in your account. This is also possible with the number and PIN on your chip right here.

Important: Keep the chip on your ribbon until you get the amount back.


What happens if the chip on my ribbon is broken? What will become of my remaining balance?

If you can identify yourself and set up a festival account on your behalf, you will get a new chip at the help desk. The old chip will be blocked and the remaining credit credited to the new chip.

What happens if I lose my ribbon? How do I get my remaining balance?

If you lose your ribbon at the festival, please go to HelpDesk immediately! There, the chip can be locked and you get a new, as long as you can identify yourself and have set up a festival account on your name. The existing credit will be credited to the new chip. If you lose the ribbon including the chip after the festival, you can still post your remaining balance via your festival account.

Will cut ribbons be accepted with chip on site?

Ribbons must always be intact to gain access to the site. If your band broke, please contact HelpDesk. There, the data on the old chip is compared with your data and, if necessary, a new ribbon with a chip issued.

Is it possible to remove the chip after the festival?

Sure. The ribbon can be kept as a souvenir, the chip can off.

Important: Keep the chip on your ribbon until you get the amount back.


Will I or my consumption behavior be monitored?

Every use of the chip is recorded electronically. So every charge and every purchase. You are not completely anonymous. However, you do not have to worry about your personal data. The data in your festival account, of course, all under lock and key. We do not create movement profiles of festival visitors, nor do we pass on data to partners and sponsors, and certainly do not sell. Of course, we comply with the applicable data protection rules.