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Melt Festival Tickets can be obtained via our official ticket channels on our festival website, via TixForGigs or in the official resale. For security reasons, our tickets are personalized, that means that each ticket must be assigned to the person who visits the festival.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to buy your tickets only at the designated ticketing platforms and not via third parties so as not to fall for fraud. We also provide you with an official resale via TixForGigs and your festival account.


Can I return my ticket?

Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be returned. However, it is possible to transfer the ticket in your account to another person if you are unable to attend. Once you have forwarded a ticket, the new ticketholder must download the ticket from his account. Another option is to resell your ticket through the official resale via your account.

Do I have to print my ticket?

Yes. But before printing your ticket, you must activate it in your account. After successful activation your ticket will be highlighted in green and you can download it by clicking on the ‘download’ button. Please print the PDF file and take it with you to the entrance along with a valid photo ID.

Important: You do not have access to the festival grounds without a valid ticket.

Can I share a ticket with friends? One comes Saturday, one Sunday?

Nope, that’s not possible. Each ticket is only valid for only one person and can not be shared with others.

What do I have to bring to the festival entrance?

At the festival entrance, you need your ticket and a photo ID. Please remember to print out your e-ticket and bring it with you. You will not be allowed into the festival without a valid ticket and photo ID.

Is a photo ID required? How can I identify myself?

Yes, we will be checking IDs at the festival entrance. You can bring your passport, government-issued ID card, driver’s license or some other form of official photo identification.

Do I have to pass on tickets bought for my friends?

Yes, if you bought the tickets for yourself and your friends, they are all in your account. Please note: For every visitor to get access to the grounds, every ticket has to be assigned to that individual person by name and connected their own, valid email address. Check ‘ticket activation’ for a detailed guide.


Why does my ticket have to be activated?

The activation and personalization is mainly for your personal protection. By assigning a person to a ticket, we make sure that only the legal owner gets access to the event. It also keeps the black market from driving up the ticket prices and prevents ticket counterfeiting.

Which tickets need to be activated?

It is important that you activate your Weekend Ticket in your account. Check ‘How do I activate my ticket?’ for more information about how this works. Add-ons such as car or caravan camping, parking tickets or tickets for the pre-party need not be activated. You will still find it in your account.

How do I activate my ticket?

By email: Once you placed your order, you were sent an email prompting you to activate the tickets. This gives you the opportunity to activate your tickets right away. Choose your ticket and follow the instructions, then you have access to your own account and can manage your ticket at any time. Those who attended last year’s Melt! can log in with the same email address if it has not changed.

Manually: You can still activate your ticket if you did not receive the email – just click here and choose your ticket type. Please be sure to have your ticket at hand so that you can enter the correct ticket number. See the picture for a look at where to find the ticket number.

What does the ticket overview do?

Register and sign into your festival account to manage your purchased tickets. In the ticket overview, you can see which tickets have not yet been assigned to a person and which have already been successfully activated. Activated tickets are highlighted in green. Non-activated tickets can be edited to change the owner, to assign it to the person to whom the ticket is to belong.

What can I find in the ticket overview?

In the ticket overview you will find:

1.) Successfully activated tickets

2.) Additional tickets that do not need to be activated

3.) Non-activated tickets that need to be shared with your friends

How can I see if my ticket is activated?

If the ticket in your account is highlighted in green, then that ticket is activated and you should be able to check-in without a problem. Please bring a valid photo ID to the entrance.

I no longer have access to my e-mail address. How can I note this in my account?

In that case, you can just forward the ticket to your new email address. Check the ‘Ticket forwarding’ link for everything you need to know on the topic.

Do I still get access to the site without activation?

Nope, your ticket has to be activated in your name. Otherwise you will need to personalise it when you get there, which can lead to longer waiting times and delay. It’s best to do it at home.

The name on the ticket does not match my name. Can I still attend the festival?

Your name must be correct on the ticket. In ticket management, you have the option of forwarding the ticket to the person who would like to come to the festival with it.


What is the transfer function of the tickets?

If you have purchased a ticket but do not want to use it yourself, then you have to forward it to the person who is going to use it to get into the festival. For example, if you sell a ticket off-market to someone else, then you use this feature to transfer the ticket to that person’s account.

I have several tickets in my account?

If you bought the tickets for yourself and your friends, they are all in your account. Please note: In order for every visitor to get access to the site, each ticket has to be assigned to that individual person by name using their own, valid email address. For more detailed instructions, visit ‘How can I forward the tickets?’

How can I pass on tickets?

You forward tickets through your account. First log in, then:

1.) Click the ‘Manage Tickets’ tab to see an overview of your tickets. Green tickets have already been successfully activated.

2.) If you want to assign the ticket to someone else, you have to delete the first name you assigned it to.

3.) Once that’s done, go to ‘Edit owner’ to enter the new recipient’s information. Important: If you enter your own email, the transfer will not work. Please enter the email address of the person who will be using the ticket!

4.) Then click the ‘Start transfer now’ button.

5.) Click the ‘Send forwarding email to recipient’ button to successfully complete the transfer.

Can I stop the transfer?

As long as the ticket recipient has not yet accepted it, you can cancel the transfer. You can do this online by logging into your account.

How do I know that the transfer worked?

You will get an email once the ticket is accepted. You also will not be able to see the ticket in your account.

How does the recipient get the ticket?

Depends on the kind of ticket. If you own a hard paper ticket, you have to physically give or post it to the new owner. If you have an e-ticket, just forward the PDF file you received from the ticket provider.

The name on the ticket no longer matches the new name?

As long as the name is correctly entered into the system and the ticket has been transferred correctly, it should be no problem. Don’t forget to bring your valid photo ID to the grounds!

After passing on the ticket is no longer in my account. Why?

That’s because the ticket is now in the person’s account you forwarded the ticket. Means: If you can’t see the ticket in your account after forwarding the transfer was successful.


Official resale tickets can be found either in our official resale pool or via TixForGigs.

How do I recognize an official offer?

An official & secure ticket resale offer can be easily identified:

1.) The structure of the link: An official & secure link is always structured like that:

https://login.OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE FESTIVAL/buy_ticket/LONG ID CODE COMPOSED OF CHARS & NUMBERS If the link is not structured like that: Do not click!

2.) The layout of the page: The page will have the official festivals header and look like that. Language can be English or German.

3.) Watch the URL: If the URL points to eBay, viagogo, Seatwave, TicketBis or other than described in B: Do not click! If you see such a link, please let us know!

Where can I sell tickets?

Tickets can be sold though your personal festival account.

The sale or purchase of tickets on platforms like eBay, viagogo, Seatwave, TicketBis or similar is strictly forbidden! We experienced not acceptable fraud rates and ticket prices beyond any reasonable price tags.

As soon as we discover a ticket, being offered or sold through these platforms, we will immediately cancel it without further notice. No chance to get access to the festival and no chance to discuss this topic with us.

Never buy a ticket on those platforms! Every year, we have a not acceptable amount of cases, where people got frauded. We neither can, nor will help, if this occours.

In your festival account, we created a 100% safe ticket resale environment, where nobody can be trapped. Use it!