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A whole new world is opening up at Melt Festival, far from any restrictions. Above that, we believe that your festival experience is about coexistence and the respectful and loving treatment of yourself, your fellow human beings and nature. That‘s why we‘re working closely with a bunch of partners to not only have an outstanding time at Melt but also to do good – be it in the form of donations, your commitment or even just mindfulness at the festival itself.

Thus we were able to distribute over 31.901,15 € to regional and supraregional initiatives such as the Förderverein Ferropolis e.V., KulTh e.V./Barrierefreies Festival, IG offen-bunt-anders or Hardcore Help with our festivals last year.


Since 1841, Tierschutzverein Berlin and the animal shelter Berlin have been campaigning for the rights of animals – above all to provide animals with a new and animal-loving home. Together with their team we have invited some of these animals as special guests in our lineup trailer, who are currently looking for a new, animal-loving home.

Help us to find a new home for Fiello, Pusteblume, Rosel and co. or support the animal welfare association as walkers, readers for cats, or with donations. We and the team of the animal shelter Berlin are at your disposal for any questions. A list of all animals to be adopted can be found here.

All information on how to become active and which animals are currently looking for a new home can be found here.


Our friends at Barrierefreies Festival e.V. are committed to ensuring that people with disabilities are able to enjoy their festival visit just carefree as you. Feel free to get involved by donating your remaining balance or at the guest list or as volunteer to accompany and assist guests with handicaps in Ferropolis.

Get involved now via


In coop. with carbon-connect AG we‘re happy to introduce our brand new Green Pass to compensate for the air pollution of your festival stay. This voluntary environmental contribution is donated to various forest protection projects in Central and South America who offset the respective amount of CO2 emissions and in cooperation

The best: Carbon-connect AG supports every Green Pass with another 10% to make your festival visit even climate-positive.


Five years ago a few activists started their rescue missions at the the mediterranean sea. Since then they didn’t stop to fight for human rights and save lives.

Together with all the European Festivals, we want to use our reach and power, to amplify voices, which must be heard.

That’s why we want to create a #WaveOfSolidarity – together with you! With the campaign we want to raise awareness for civil sea rescue – together we should inform us, educate us and see how we can help.

Find more information here: