In the past, he was Münster’s greatest trash pop impresario. Then he became a Hamburg pop star as part of International Pony and with albums like “We Love Music” and “Mit dir sind wir vier” (“Together with you, we’re four”). Lately he’s been composing film and theatre music on his beloved keyboard. However, on stage, Carsten Meyer a.k.a. Erobique has always been adored, whether as a DJ or playing absurd live sets with collaborators such as Jaques Palminger. Thus, his jarring and danceable performances, comprising soul, funk and disco, have always been a highlight – in basement clubs, theatres or on the big festival stages. It’s never clear exactly what you’re in for when Erobique enters the stage, and that’s what makes it exciting. One thing’s for sure, though: don’t forget to bring your sense of humour and a desire for schnapps and dancing.