Fatima Al Qadiri

Fatima Al Qadiri is a Kuwaiti musician, composer and artist, who is now based in New York City. Fatima is known for a number of different projects, e.g. as member of the Gulf-based collective GCC, though she first gained a following with her “Muslim Trance Mini-Mix” for DIS magazine in 2010. Her work pivots around the politicized axes of gender, consumerism, military action, and religion.

As solo artist, Fatima released music on labels such as Tri Angle, UNO NYC or Fade to Mind as well as Hyperdub, where she released her breakthrough-album “Brute”. As a tribute to those on the front lines of protest and a condemnation of neoliberal fascism, “Brute” provides a chilling sonic backdrop to a world of normalized brutality, a painful illumination of the facade of democracy. In 2017, she released Shaneera, an EP of five club tracks exploring Arab queer culture.