Sonic mastermind Warren Fischer and singer/songwriter Casey Spooner finally finished another album. It might have taken them nine years, but the successor to “Entertainment” promises to be yet another milestone. Fischerspooner named it after Spooner and photographer Yuki James’ exhibition »SIR«. The one and only Michael Stipe produced the album (luckily foregoing the use of R.E.M. guitars) and coated Fischerspooner in dark and classy synth sounds, turning the duo into a queer and more erotic version of Depeche Mode. “SIR” is “aggressively homosexual”, Spooner says about the album, in the sense that it deals with sex, greed, drugs and partying, which is and has been part of Spooner’s lifestyle – and also partly that of Melt. Fischerspooner’s no doubt lavish visuals and costumes will fit the Melt cosmos only too well.