George FitzGerald

UK-based George FitzGerald is one of those house masterminds that can do everything and don’t commit to anything. He shines, whether live or behind the DJ booth, whether it’s an album or a single release; he blends in with diverse labels such as the Domino imprint Double Six or Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings; sometimes he spreads his feather-light house creations in Berlin, and sometimes he does it in his hometown of London.

He masters dreamy vocal tracks, as heard on his current single “Burns” or his 2015 debut album “Fading Love”, and, at the same time, he shows his roots, reaching back to the heydays of Orbital. As a music lover, FitzGerald is an enthusiast; as a producer, he’s a textbook example of a nerd. Yet, he has a deep feel for club dynamics. He’s a quiet allrounder who aims for perfection with every single one of his tracks and sets.