Highsnobiety Day Stage

More life and more blessings at the Highsnobiety Day Stage. Take a break from the Sun and revitalise yourself before the night ahead with daily live interviews with the likes of Mura Masa and Tommy Cash, as well as uplifting DJ sets from Highsnobiety Soundsystem and friends.


16.00 Highsnobiety Soundsystem – No Waste DJ-Set

17.45 Highsnobiety Soundsystem – Christian Rich DJ-Set

20.00 Live-Interview Tommy Cash

21.00 Live-Interview Nastia



16.00 Highsnobiety Soundsystem – No Waste DJ-Set

17.00 Live-Interview Coely

18.00 Live-Interview Mavi Phoenix

19.00 Highsnobiety Soundsystem – Ticklish DJ-Set



16.00 Highsnobiety Soundsystem – Deadlift DJ-Set

18.00 Live-Interview Little Dragon

18.30 Highsnobiety Soundsystem – Pris DJ-Set

21.00 Interview Mura Masa