Honey Dijon

This not only holds true for house music but its roots as well: her parents’ record collection offered her a variety of soul and R&B. Later Honey Dijon developed a passion for Detroit techno. In the meantime, she’s moved to New York and found her own, warm and hypnotic sound between techno and house. She’s considered incredibly intelligent and savvy, and quite the fashionista. All that creates a unique blend of charisma, style and flow which turned Honey Dijon to a much-loved guest in clubs all around the world – from Paris to Toronto to Glasgow to Tel Aviv.

With her, music and fashion often mix, for instance, when Honey Dijon compiles music for Louis Vuitton or works together with Kim Jones. We’re in for a touch of catwalk flair beneath the giant excavators of Ferropolis when Miss Honey Dijon plays her cross genre sets, enriched with a few hip hop and new wave tunes.