Jon Hopkins

So, what’s Jon Hopkins job description? He’s a DJ, producer and remixer of house and electronic tracks. Yawn! Often things sound better on paper than in reality, but not with Hopkins. If you’ve ever seen this knob-turning virtuoso live, you know what we’re talking about. Entire arenas go berserk when Hopkins unleashes his massive sounds on his audiences.

Born in London in 1979, he already was into electronic music as a kid (during the glorious 80s, mind you!) and learnt to play the piano. So, it’s no wonder that he knows how to combine amazing harmonies with massive beats. When he doesn’t turn knobs on a stage somewhere in the world, he works together with Coldplay and Brian Eno, or he composes film soundtracks. If he has a little time to breathe in between, he’s known to enchant the entire Melt crowd as well.