Mavi Phoenix

It’s quite paradoxical: while Austria currently follows a reactionary and right-wing path, the Alpine republic’s music scene innovatively busts and broadens genre borders. The young rapper Mavi Phoenix enriches her neo R&B and hip hop tunes with electronic power beats and autotune shenanigans. Her love for the millennium pop of her youth constantly flows into her music. After all, she started making music with her dad’s laptop and Lady Gaga, N.E.R.D. and Snoop Dogg in her playlist.

Embedded in a timeless and cool pop framework, enriched by world influences, her music lends itself to an international sound that evokes comparisons to hip hop and R&B greats such as M.I.A., Abra and DENA. With her EP “Young Prophet”, she already supported Bilderbuch, proving to audiences in Germany’s biggest concert venues how cool our neighbouring country really is.