The London-based producer’s 2015 album was aptly named “Alone in Time?”, a question you’ll definitely ask yourself when you succumb to his music. It’s euphoric in parts; it sounds forlorn in others; it makes you want to raise your hands in the air; and it sounds spacey and weightless as if you could leave the banks of Lake Gremmin behind and float out into the cosmos any moment until Melt and the entire world are merely a blink on the radar. Drifting past Mars and Jupiter, you’d ask yourself if you’re truly alone in space and time. Sorry for the exalted imagery. If you need something a little more earthbound and concrete: Ø [PHASE] is no stranger to grim minimal techno as much as the current Detroit school; or spacey soundscapes if you will. Alright, now you know about Ø [PHASE].