Princess Nokia

She’s more than a musician and a performer: as the mastermind behind her music project Princess Nokia and founder of the Smart Girl Club, Destiny Nicole Ortiz is a pioneer of queer rap. In her youth, she was a punk fan first and foremost, a genre which is still present in her music today. The New Yorker’s career started back in high school when she uploaded songs to Youtube and Soundcloud under her moniker Wavy Spice. In 2013, she released her first two albums, “Metallic Butterfly” and “Honeysuckle” as Princess Nokia.

Her long overdue breakthrough ensued in May last year. Her self-released debut album „1992“ developed from a “huge surge of creative energy. I fell in love with rapping and hiphop all over again,” says Ortiz – something this milestone of rap music, female rap in particular, truly exudes.