Robag Wruhme

His album titles alone make your tongue all tingly and sizzle in your ear – just like his minimalist electronic music. In 2004, the Jena-based DJ, producer and Freude am Tanzen label founder gave us »Wuzzelbud«. In 2011, released a tongue twister called »Wuppdeckmischmampflow« via Kompakt, the same year his album »Thora Vukk« hit the shelves via Pampa. Sometimes it takes time until another one of Robag Wruhme’s releases sees the light of day because Gabor Schablitzki, the man behind the moniker, is often busy with one of his many other projects; as one half of Wighnomy Brothers, as Rolf Oksen, Themroc or Die Dubrolle, just to name a few. Even though, his sound ranges from hip hop to house to experimental to minimal, he’s always managed to do one thing since he first got behind the decks in the early 1990s: luring the crowd to the dance floor.