The Internet

Odd Future mostly owes its success to Syd Tha Kid. As a singer, she’s now tweaking The Internet’s success story. At the tender age of 15, Syd already audio-engineered the first OFWGKTA tapes in her garden shed. But instead of entering the rap game as a female MC, she turned towards R&B and founded the duo “The Internet” together with producer Matt Martians mid-2011. In the meantime, the duo has turned into a five-piece and its spherical electro soul has become an integral part of the R&B scene. Defying genre borders, The Internet also branches out into hip hop, jazz and funk. The Internet’s collaborations are proof that their relaxed bedroom R&B captures the zeitgeist: from Mac Miller to Kaytranada, everyone’s on board when Syd and Matt send out invites to join them in the studio.