This guy tackled every possible electronic music-enthused state of consciousness in at least one of his songs: the Love Parade’s hug-the-world attitude in “United States of Love”; raised-fists aggression in “Beatbox Rocker”; confused and melancholic drifting through Berlin nightlife in “Götterstraße No. 1”; and the hard come down following Sunday’s after hour in “You Need The Drugs”, wonderfully sighed by Richard Butler. The punchline of Westbam’s oeuvre: his music could’ve worked without chemical enhancement, because it stands on its own. It shows that, after such a prolific career path, the DJ, producer, label owner, author and Mayday promoter knows his craft better than anyone else. He also knows about structuring narratives – not only in his book »Die Macht der Nacht« but behind the decks as well.