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cmd+N [as known as: +N, command+N, pretzel+N, cloverleaf+N or propeller+N] describes the keyboard shortcut to open a new window.

Three days of Melt Festival and Ferropolis has always been synonymous with creating a new world, for a place irrespective of convention or borderline thinking and for innovation – whether on or off the stage. With cmd+N just added to the bill, we’re now able to add one more piece of the puzzle to this self-image: a journey between technology, digital enlightenment and interconnection, augmented & virtual reality, independent gaming and other digital experiences. A new perspective, just as the shortcut cmd+N opens new digital windows.

Teaming up with the two Berlin tech & digital institutions Tech Open Air and A MAZE., which each host one day of the lineup, various panels and talks create a place of virtual and surreal world about music, art and gaming. On top, a handpicked selection of independent games and VR-experiences like Super Hexagon or Beat Saber are ready to be tested.

Friday, 19 July:

14:00 – 15:30: Hypertalks with Host Thorsten S. Wiedemann, Tom Schley & Dominik Johann, ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS aka Moisés Horta Valenzuela, René Rother, Marishka Zachariah, Franziska Zeiner, György Droste, Juan Orjuela, Allan Cudicio, Sara Lisa Vogel and Maren Brede.

All-day exhibition of the games Sticky Cats, Super Hexagon and Vectronom as well as the VR-experiences Beat Saber, Garden, MuX, Thumper.

Hosted by A MAZE.

Saturday, 20 July:

14:35 – 18:00: Talks with Cari Merriam (Corporate Employee Wellbeing), Jada Sezer (Model & Activist), Johanna Jaskowska (Digital Creative Artist), Mark Reeder (Producer & Founder MFS Berlin), Moon Ribas (Avant-garde Artist) and Tijana Tamburic (Co-Founder Narratives).

Hosted by Tech Open Air


Tech Open Air (TOA) is Europe’s Leading Technology Festival. Their mission is to help people future-proof their businesses and their lives. They believe that technology is transforming the way we work, live and relate: only if you understand technology can you take advantage of the opportunities it creates.

A MAZE. / Berlin is an international festival focusing on the art and culture of games and playful media. A MAZE. invites creatives from over 35 countries to experience inspiring talks and workshops, and to celebrate the art of video games making.


Thorsten S. Wiedemann is founder and director of A MAZE.. He produces and curates festivals, exhibitions and workshops on the intersection of games, games culture, digital arts and playful media under the label A MAZE..

Tom Schley & Dominik Johann are part of award-winning video game studio Crows Crows Crows (creators of Accounting VR, Dr. Langeskov, The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe), as composer and art director respectively. Individually, they work on games like MINIT and FIGHT KNIGHT.

Moisés Horta Valenzuela alias ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS is an electronic musician, composer and sound artist currently based in Berlin. His work deals with the ways in which the mind is continuously transformed by the flow between the virtual/physical realms.

René Rother is an interdisciplinary multimedia and game artist specializing in atmospheric pieces, e.g. RK3000 oder Rotting Crescendo.

Marishka Zachariah is an Indian-Canadian game developer, designer and digital artist who also partakes in personal experimental projects involving Virtual Reality. They is currently working as a generalist for the award-winning indie studio Crows Crows Crows.

Franziska Zeiner is a game designer and editor, interested in creating meaningful, user-centered experiences. She is passionate about feminism, quirky games, observing mundane everyday interactions and turning them into digital experiences.

György Droste is a designer of simple games. He cofounded Ludopium and worked on titles like Vectronom, Project MMM and Light Box. Originally from Budapest, Hungary he graduated from the Cologne Game Lab with a degree in game design.

Juan Orjuela is a musician and game developer from Bogotá, Colombia who specialises in interactive composition and sound design for video games and experimental installations.

Allan Cudicio is a Berlin-based game designer and loves sunny days with glitter – a combo we love at Melt Festival!

Sara Lisa Vogel is a futurist, collaboratively exploring and constructing new virtual and augmented realities to inspire, unite and enrich humanity. 

Maren Brede is an Economist striving for welfare-maximisation. In flesh, she‘s a hedonistic gamer focussing on social interactions and exploring new versions of oneself during roleplaying while providing (game)mates with sparkling home-baked pastries.

Cari Merriam is a teacher, healer and coach with years of experience and training. Her company is rooted in the practical application of ancient wisdom, blending transformative techniques from yoga, tantra and deep breath-work traditions into transcendent experiences of personal power and expansion of self.

Jada Sezer worked as a model for L’Oreal Paris’ #AllWorthIt + # TrueMatch beauty campaigns, which actively encourage self-esteem to turn into self-esteem. She is also an ambassador for Young Minds Charity, helping young people with mental illness.

Johanna Jaskowska is a self-proclaimed “hybrid creative” with a focus on new technologies and innovations. In her work with augmented reality on Instagram, she explores how technology and digitization can promote communication between cultures.

Mark Reeder is one of the most exciting figures in the Berlin music scene. From his adopted hometown, the always elegantly uniformed musician, producer and label operator decisively influenced and shaped the musical development on both sides of the Wall.

Moon Ribas is a Catalan avant-garde artist and cyborg activist best known for developing the Seismic Sense, an online seismic sensor once implanted in her feet that allowed her to perceive earthquakes taking place anywhere in the planet through vibrations in real time.

Tijana Tamburic is the co-founder of Female Narratives, a collective that brings together more than 100 creative women – from directors to mountain climbers to mental health activists and poets.

With kind support from Berlin Valley